The Starless Sea Box from books and beyond


The Starless Sea was such a phenomenon by the end of 2019 and early January.  A lot of subscription boxes were made surrounding this box and one unique attempt at it was an ‘EXPERIENTIAL BOX’ by the team of ‘Books and Beyond’. (Ig: @booksnbeyondbox)

An experiential box is one where the merchandise are inspired from the book and to be exact from a part of the story and they are wrapped up with instructions so you can open them after reaching that part of the story.

The starless sea has such a beautiful and mind-blowing story and that effect was accentuated by this box. The box arrived with a hardcover of The Starless Sea, a black envelope which contained tarot cards which were to be opened after at least 5 chapters, a Christmas greeting, a letter explaining the box and 8 surprises with page numbers written on them.

To view my live unboxing without spoilers, click on the button below.

Now, that you know how the box is without spoilers lets dig into the contents that the envelopes uncover.

Source: Google

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern in Hardcover

This is a stunning hardcover with an amazing smell. You won’t be able to resist reading it for long. Click below to read my review.

The Tarot Cards

Enclosed in a black envelope were the beautiful Tarot cards. They were black and had gold foiled work on it. They have a common design on the back with what appears to be stardust and a bee, a key and a sword. The cards are – Owl, Fate, Moon, Time, Star and Heart. All of them are beautiful and surreal. The team of books and beyond used gloves to put them in the envelope for us. They shine so bright, I will be blind if I do not stop looking at them.

Coming to the items that were unraveled as I went on with reading the book:


A golden wax candle with a beautiful design to one corner and a wax seal that has a bee on it are the first merch that we open. They are of wonderful quality and are absolutely adorable. I tried to get a perfect seal but failed but managed to click okayish pictures of it.

Page 16: Custom engraved wooden diary

The diary on the inside has an any year calendar, conversion tables and plenty of pages for notes but what is striking is the cover. It is engraved with a bee, a sword and a key. The engraved parts are golden somehow and reflect light. I feel like I have received the worth that I paid for the box already.

Page 62: Wooden door

This door which was a part of the orders that were placed only for books as well as the boxes is a canvas. It is canvas for us to paint our imaginations out and show it to the world.

Page 75: A key

A key to open a door. Probably a door to our inner selves (I have read the book and fallen for it too deeply). It is a beautiful key that may be can work as a bookmark too. It definitely makes an amazing prop for pictures though.

Page 85: A necklace with the sword key chain

This is so pretty; I am wearing it as I type this post out. The sword is so well detailed. It has a cat face on the top and is adorable to wear.

Page 155: A Bookish Tote

A perfect representation of Eleanor’s boat sailing the starless sea of honey with the words – ‘To seek and to find’ written on it. The design is on both the sides and it is of a good quality.

Page 327: An art-print

Allegra, the painter paints her last painting before leaving the starless sea. The description could not have been transferred onto paper better than this. It has Zachary and Dorian surrounded by bees and keys and it feels like there is only one heart. The author’s description was so aptly translated onto the canvas. This does it justice.

Page 372: A custom enamel pin

The beautiful, holy enamel pin says we are all stardust and stories. It is my favourite line from the book and the pin is so beautiful. It is just holy. I mean, just look at that. They couldn’t have ended the unboxing in a better way.

This was one of a kind experience and rumour has it that the team is already working on another experiential box that might come out sometime after June. If you missed this one, try and get your hands on that. Get ready to have your mind blown though.

View my complete unboxing of this box with spoilers by clicking on the button below.

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