Whispering Flames – July Release

Hey kind people! I am back with another unboxing and this time it isn’t a book box. It’s my July haul from Afia Vasaiwala of @whisperingflames You can read the interview in which she talks about her shop by clicking on this text: INTERVIEW WITH THE BOOKISH CANDLE QUEEN OF INDIA Afia upped her releaseContinue reading “Whispering Flames – July Release”

The Anniversary Espresso TBB Box (Rep Box)

The Anniversary box was a box filled with happiness and joy. It felt amazing to uncover all the things that the team put together and it is the second best box that I got from them. The theme of the box was, “GRIMM AND GREY” and it was beautiful. My live unboxing of this boxContinue reading “The Anniversary Espresso TBB Box (Rep Box)”

The Classics Year III – January 2020 Tbb Box (Espresso)

The most anticipated box which was time and again delayed due to our very coveted pandemic reached me as soon as they could make it happen. It was definitely #worththewait. The theme for the first box of the year 2020 was Classics Year III which is also commonly known as the Christmas Classics Box. TheContinue reading “The Classics Year III – January 2020 Tbb Box (Espresso)”

The Starless Sea Box from books and beyond

The Starless Sea was such a phenomenon by the end of 2019 and early January.  A lot of subscription boxes were made surrounding this box and one unique attempt at it was an ‘EXPERIENTIAL BOX’ by the team of ‘Books and Beyond’. (Ig: @booksnbeyondbox) An experiential box is one where the merchandise are inspired fromContinue reading “The Starless Sea Box from books and beyond”

The November Espresso Tbb Box Unboxing

The November theme was – SILENT SPACES AND HIDDEN DOORS where the box was meant to take us through the silent spaces and through the hidden doors and was dedicated to the reads, the writers, the librarians, to story tellers and to stories themselves. Let’s get unboxing. Book 1 in hardcover: The fountains of silenceContinue reading “The November Espresso Tbb Box Unboxing”

The October Espresso Tbb Box Unboxing

The October Tbb box was curated with much love and I adore it. The theme was Wicked and Witchy. Here is what was brewed into it. (This is as witchy as I could get) Book 1 in paperback: Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin Serpent and Dove is the story of a witch and aContinue reading “The October Espresso Tbb Box Unboxing”

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