The October Espresso Tbb Box Unboxing

Theme: Wicked and Witchy

The October Tbb box was curated with much love and I adore it. The theme was Wicked and Witchy. Here is what was brewed into it. (This is as witchy as I could get)

This picture is taken from the Instagram account of The Big Book box

Book 1 in paperback: Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Serpent and Dove is the story of a witch and a witch-hunter bound in holy matrimony and there was only one way such a story could end – A STAKE AND A MATCH. This is just the gist of the blurb and it already had me intrigued. The book comes with an author letter which is very cute and witty. What made it extra special are the printed edges with the illustrations of a serpent and a dove. This book was included in all the boxes.

Book 2 in Hardcover: Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff

Darkdawn is the last book in the Nevernight Chronicles trilogy. After the first two books were received with much appreciation, this was a highly anticipated release. This book is also accompanied with a very intimate author letter from Mister Kristoff himself.

Author letters:

As already mentioned, the box has letters from both the authors.

The Monthly Enamel Pin:

This month was blessed with twin pins based on The Nevernight Chronicles book #3 – The DarkDawn. They wanted to bring us a quote based pin and ended up making a visual representation of both – the quote and the title of the book. The black pin from the set represents the ‘Dark’ while the white one represents the ‘Dawn’. “Brighter the light” is the one with sun, “Deeper the shadow” is the black one.

“Brighter the light, Deeper the shadow”

– Jay Kristoff

Magnetic Book Marks:

Two character based magnetic book marks were a part of the box. The characters were from A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E.Schwab namely Kell Maresh and Lila Bard.

Foiled Book Mark:

Along with the beautiful magnetic babes, a book mark created after both the books in the box was included. One side is based on Darkdawn and says ‘All is blood, blood is all’ and the other side is based on Serpent and Dove and is gold foiled. It shines so bright that I went blind for a good few minutes. (Seriously though, how do these guys do it?)

Character Cards:

The character cards this month were also from Serpent and Dove. There were two – Louise le Blanc and Reid Diggory and they are stunning. The cards were made by Carol Garcia (IG: @carolgarciapr).

A Bookend:

One half of an ‘ALICE IN WONDERLAND’ themed bookend was included in the October box. It is black, has the Mad-Hatter’s hat and says ‘We’re all mad here’. The other end will be a part of the November box or you could probably get it in the garage sale.

Bookish Scarf:

Is a book box even complete without having a Harry Potter merchandise? Tbb box went all out with this Marauder’s map scarf. It is beautiful and hands down the best merch in this box and the best Harry Potter merch that I own (This is the only Harry Potter merch I own but more on that later).

Pop Socket:

Is your phone always cracked because your hands get so lazy sometimes that they refuse to hold it for a few seconds longer? Well, a pop socket is the thing for you and if you are a book lover, a bookish pop-socket is oxygen for you. The pop socket that is helping me hold my phone, click pictures while reducing the drop rate by 70-80% (I am clumsy af) and making sure I look rad with it was a part of this box. It is primarily black and says –‘Something wicked this way comes’, which I think is a novel by Ray Bradbury (definitely had help in figuring this out) is the best addition to my phone. The lettering was done by Elisa from Cripple Letters.


A stationary item right in time for the New Year. The notepad is based on Darkdawn. It is similar to the one in which the author letter comes in. It has the words, ‘Good turnings Acolytes’, on the top and is from Paper Quirks.

Pride and Prejudice monthly news letter:

I am a hoarder and I ain’t ashamed of it. The monthly newsletter is something I always look forward to. Have I ever read it to find out whether it is the same or different each time? No! Am I still gonna be excited each time I find it inside the box? Hell Yes!

The Shredded Paper:

If you are here from my bookstagram account, you already know this and if you are new but are somehow planning to stick with me for the long run (which I highly appreciate and will be indebted to you for life), then you should know that I am a fan of shredded paper. The box and its contents can go sit in a museum but I will take my shredded paper to bed with me. Going with the theme, this box had black shredded paper and was a wonderful addition to the box.

That was the October unboxing. Thank you for coming this far. I added links to some of my Unboxing instagram posts and I am sorry if it was annoying. If you want to watch my painful tries at showing you the Marauder’s scarf, you can watch my live unboxing video by clicking on the link below. Be sure to check out the instagram profile of the big book box @tbb_box. See you guys soon. Be kind to one another. Stay hydrated and drive safe.

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