Why Tbb Box is the best book box subscription in India!

My Top Twelve Reasons

I may be biased here because I am a devoted subscriber of the big book box but my love is not blind. I am an unemployed human parasite living off of her parents earnings and I could not be more sure when I say that TBB box is the best book box subscription in India and it is a boon that has been bestowed upon us. Here are my top 12 reasons why.

Value for money

While several book box subscriptions cost us around or over 2k at least (Probably because of overseas shipping), the big book box falls lighter on the pockets given that the subscription begins from the cost of 1099 bucks ( 699 if you consider the latte book packet). They almost always have a special code going around that would give you a discount or free shipping. So, if you stick around long enough, it could cost you less than 1k.

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Multiple Options

Depending on your budget and/or the number of books you think you can handle in a month, tbb box offers options with boxes from one to four books. Starting with the Frappe with 1, Espresso with 2, Cappuccino with 3 and Mocha with 4 books and costing us 1099, 1699, 2299 and 3099 respectively. You could get the subscription for a month, a quarter, half year or even for the entire year. (The annual subscription is for a limited time and by special invite only). All these boxes are curated with love after a common theme.

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Best Books

The books that are included in the boxes are the latest and trendiest. They always make sure to sweep us off of our feet with their book selections. There is a book of the month (BOTM) included in all the boxes and depending upon the type of box you are subscribed to, you get one extra hardcover as you climb up the hierarchy. I can happily give the credits of introducing me to my top reads of 2019 to them.

The Monthly Enamel Pins

I am pretty sure every book-lover loves them some enamel pins and tbb box delivers them monthly. Usually based on one of the books that is included in the boxes or the theme, they are always colourful and you will end up craving for more. The quality is fairly good.

The Bookmarks

‘One can never have enough bookmarks’, said every bibliophile ever. Apart from the regular bookmarks that have wonderful illustrations usually on both the sides, they frequently include other special kinds of bookmarks. There were metal bookmarks, Magnetic bookmarks, and Foiled bookmarks to name a few.

High Quality Merchandise

Let me just name a few bookish merchandise apart from the ones that I have specifically mentioned that were part of the boxes I have received. A metal sipper, a bookish tote, a Marauder’s scarf (Yes, you read it right), a book end, an enamel mug, a pop-socket, a box of 50 postcards (Did I not claim to just mention a few?) a funko pop key chain, Special tea, Candle, Bath-salt (Make me stop someone) special edition Harry Potter playing cards, a mix-tape, a coaster, an umbrella, a pocket mirror, a bookish pouch (sighs after mentioning everything this creature received till date in the boxes) The merchandise is of really good quality and is durable. They try and rope in the best people in the business to get us the merch.

Exclusive bookish advantages

What is the whole point of bringing us books that can also be brought from other vendors? I am pretty sure this is how the discussions that lead to the following addition to the boxes started off. The books are sometimes (I am sure they try to make it always but we are all human and compromise is a necessary evil) accompanied with candid author letters, signed book plates, character cards, ALTERNATE freaking DUST JACKETS and the latest – EXCLUSIVE SPRAYED EDGES. These are of course of high quality and make-our-hearts-skip-a-beat kind of beautiful.

Very kind and interactive team

From frequent giveaways to photography challenges, they try all the possible ways to stay connected with their subscribers. They almost always respond within a short span of time to both emails, DM’s and comments and are highly supportive and encouraging. (They reposted my first picture on bookstagram and gave me a push to keep going)

Credits: Google

The unboxing challenges

This is a very intelligent idea and is mutually beneficial to all. Each box comes with unboxing prompts which are basically gross ideas for pictures which can be used to stir our creative genius and click and post amazing pictures. Tbb box gets a ton of pictures to choose from while the winner and participants get freebies and exposure. (I won a CLASSICS MOCHA box after jointly winning the August unboxing challenge)

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The Garage Sales

If you have missed out on some boxes and are particularly jealous of other people who got it and are showing off the merch, the team has got your back with garage sales. This also works out when you do not want the entire box but a particular merch catches your eye or you have the box and loved something so badly that you want multiples of the same merch. Now, I am not claiming that all of the merch included in the boxes will be up in garage sales but most of it usually is. Sometimes, even the entire box is put up for sale. FOMO what?

Credit: Google

Easy EMI

Do you want to subscribe for the long run but do not want a dent in your bank account? Fear not! They have easy EMI’s that work on both debit and credit cards. Wait for me as I go on to the terrace and squeal with joy and jump and come back to finish this post.

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Always worth the wait

One downside which is an open secret is that the boxes almost never arrive in the particular month that they are curated for. It can get frustrating but once you hold that baby in your hands, you will not remember which month it is or which era it is even. I think there is magic involved because you can never ever ever stay angry at the shipping after unboxing the box. It is always worth the wait.

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Honourable mentions:


I probably am a regular subscriber because of this and not because of all the amazing things I just spent around 2 hours typing for you guys. Am I mad? That would be a non-negotiable yes. But if you are not a fan of shredded paper then I am definitely giving you the looks. I aspire to have all colours of shredded paper that have gone into the tbb boxes once I grow up. (Says a woman who is almost done with a quarter of her life. Half since the life expectancy is definitely only 50 with everything happening on this planet.)

Credits: Google

The Box Itself

There is so much creativity and thought put into the boxes that they always bring joy. They are beautiful in and out even without the contents. Every inch of it is made with love.

That’s it from me folks. What is the reason you are hooked to Tbb Box? Let’s talk it out in the comments. Click on the link below to check out my unboxings of the boxes.

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