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Candid at its best!

23 things I learned before turning 23

I cannot believe I am an MBBS graduate about to turn 23 anytime. Life is hitting me hard right now. It feels surreal. Here are 23 things I learned before turning 23.

12 Things the 12 Months of Internship Have Taught ME!

I am officially done with my degree ya’ll. I am 23 and after 5 and a half years, it is finally done. Here’s what I’ve learned during the 12 months of internship. Read on!!

What I did while visiting Lonavala in a rather dry season!

My 2019 ended on an amazing note with a road trip to Lonavala. But sadly, it was a dry season. But we made the best of what lay in front of us. Find out how we rocked Lonavala inspite of the almost-draught that left the beauties hidden.

Why Tbb box is the best book box subscription in India?

I may be biased here because I am a devoted subscriber of the big book box but my love is not blind. I am an unemployed human parasite living off of her parents earnings and I could not be more sure when I say that TBB box is the best book box subscription in India and it is a boon that has been bestowed upon us. Here are my top 12 reasons why.

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