The Creative Genius behind The Little Book Bar – Twinkle

Interview with Twinkle, the face behind ‘Little Book Bar’ delivering us bookish art prints and bookmarks on the go. See her unhindered and raw in this amazing interview where she also reveals some of her future plans. Enjoy!!!

The Garrick Ollivander of India – Megha Thapa

Interview with Megha Thapa, a woman who makes the dreams of Indian Potter heads come true by hand-carving and bringing them the wands that they want. But is there more to her than that? Find out by reading the interview!!!

The Epitome of Miniature Art – Nirmitee Aphale

An interview with the artist behind the beautiful store of handmade love studio where we learn about what happens behind the scenes and what she likes to do other than create!

The Dotting Daughter – Neha Garg

The creator of The Reading Owl Creations, Neha Garg talks about how she started the business and how much it has affected her life. Read on to find out more.

The Candle Queen – Afia Vasaiwala

Talking to the brains and hard work behind the one constant and versatile bookish candle maker of India! 

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