The Tycoon Thirteen Talks – 05

The creative genius behind ‘The Little Book Bar’ – Twinkle

Hello Twinkle! I remember when a few months ago I received an anonymous package which was a gift from my friend and it contained the single most beautiful enamel pin I have ever seen till date with an amazing quality and standard and colours and design and texture. The artprint and bookmarks were no less.

Then I began exploring your amaizng shop and your products never fail to mesmorize me. I am honoured to be talking to you today, to bring out to the world what happens behind the scenes with the creator of The Little Book Bar! 

Let’s begin with the questions:

Q. With radiant and eye-catching pictures, irresistible designs, we have an idea of what the business is. But, who is Twinkle, the girl behind the shop?

– AnM

Firstly, thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much to me that people like my designs as much as I love making them. As for who I am, I am an optimum of introvert. I am socially awkward and would tend to avoid any social gathering at all costs, but living in India and having a huge family that is not always possible. I prefer to stay alone, in company of myself rather than having idle conservation with people whom I don’t know.

– Twinkle

Q. For someone who’s visiting your shop for the first time, how would you describe it and what products would you mention as a must to look out for?

– AnM

For someone visiting my shop for the first time, I would describe my shop as… honestly I don’t know. I am not a person of too much words despite being a reader my whole life. I know it’s sad but it’s true. But the products that I would absolutely want you to check out would be the illustration cards. They’re my absolute favourite and would love to see them getting more love.

– Twinkle

Q. How customisable are your products? 

– AnM

Ohh Yes! They’re very customisable. Infact few weeks ago, in this lockdown period, someone messaged me on etsy asking if they’d be able to get the art print version of one of my bookmark since they want to gift to their friend. Ofcourse I obliged, because I absolutely love creating and designing stuff for fellow book enthusiasts. And since it was lockdown I wasn’t able to ship it so I kept that item as a soft copy so they could get that instantly. So I would say yes, the products are very customisable and I make them on commissions as well.

– Twinkle

Q. Where did it all begin? How did you get the idea of making these beautiful bookmarks and art prints?

– AnM

I was always fascinated with art works and illustrations. And I sort of knew I wanted to create something like this. Something people would like and appreciate like I do. To be honest I wasn’t able to create what I could create today. Drawing genes were not in me so I had to really push and practice more and more to make something like this and I am still struggling with few things here and there but I am still learning. As for creating art prints and bookmarks, I loved the bookmarks and art print on Instagram and wanted to make something like that. So I guess that’s where it all started.

– Twinkle

Q. What is the first thing you’ve ever made? Not for the shop, just when the creative genius in you kicked in.

– AnM

I don’t think I’ve ever made anything that was not book related. I especially studied graphic designing because I wanted to do the designing for books, not just prints and bookmarks but I want to design cover art as well. So no there aren’t any designs prior to the ones in the shop. Though many designs I’ve deactivated because I am not satisfied with them now.

– Twinkle

Q. How hard/easy is the process of coming up with designs? Do you start with a basic idea and work towards it or are you sure of what you want from the beginning? How much research do you have to put in?

– AnM

Sometimes, it’s like I know what I want and I am able to get them on screen while other times I really struggle to design it. Usually when I want to design something I’ve not read, I research for the aesthetics of that particular book or series and checkout the popular quotes to be turned into art work. Then after that I decide the colour palette and theme and then atlast I move forward with designing them.

– Twinkle

Q. How was your experience of making you first ever enamel pin? Was it tiring? How did the reception make you feel?

– AnM

 I love those pins! I was kinda confused in the beginning but slowly I got the hang of things and I guess both the pins turned out pretty great. 

– Twinkle

Q. What are some of your favourite fandoms to work with? 

– AnM

 I loved ACOTAR and ToG series so they’re a must for me. Six of Crows and the Lunar Chronicles are one of my favourite series as well.

– Twinkle

Q. What is the best part of the process of creating? Anything from the process of acquiring raw materials to making the products to shipping them and customer reviews?

– AnM

The end product is always satisfying. Seeing them come to life is just so good. Also, I love when the customer get their package. The unpacking and review gives me so much joy, I can’t even describe.

– Twinkle

Q. Are there any new products that we can get sneak peaks into? At least clues?

– AnM

I am thinking of adding few more new products in the shop in addition to prints and bookmarks. The only item that are confirmed and in process are the booksleeves. The fabric design of this sleeve will be all traditional, I want to install Indian designs in my work and out in the world. I hope people like them as much as I love making them.

– Twinkle

Q. What does the shop mean to you? How did it bring a change in your life?

– AnM

I love this shop a lot. I mean a lot. This shop changed my life significantly. I earn income from this shop which might not be much but it’s mine and it sort of gives me independence to buy certain mundane things I love.

– Twinkle

Q. Is this something you will continue doing or are there other plans in store?

– AnM

I want to continue with this shop as long as I can but this shop won’t only be with bookmarks and art prints. I plan to add more products along the way.

– Twinkle

Q. Are you a binge watcher? Or do you take it slow? What are some of your recent favourite shows?

– AnM

Oh I am definitely a binge watcher. I can’t wait for a week for the new episode. I want them all stat. I’ve recently started watching Turkish series and they’re fabulous. My recent favourite shows are Love 101, Elite, Bay Yanlış, Erkenci Kuş and Sen Çal Kapimi.

– Twinkle

Q. What are some of your favourite places to travel to? Any place on your bucket list that you wan to visit asap? 

– AnM

I recently visited few countries in Europe and in that Prague and Budapest were my favourites. I would love to travel there again sometime. Also, as for the new place, I want to visit Turkey, Vietnam and Caribbean island sometime as well. 

– Twinkle

Q.  I reckon from you bookstagram account that you are a baker. How often do you bake? What are some of your favourite things to bake?

– AnM

I love baking and baked foods. I usually bake whenever I feel like, it really depends upon my mood and what I want to bake. As for the some of my favourite baked things they are cocktail cupcakes, tiramisu and brownies 

– Twinkle

Q. What do you like to do when your not creating or reading?

– AnM

Ooo!! I love baking. I usually bake when I am not reading and creating and sometimes I binge watch tv shows as well.

– Twinkle

Q. Asking this here since it was the name of the bookstagram account first! Why is it called Little Book Bar?

– AnM

Hehehe! This might sound silly but I wanted something that linked with my name. I was like let’s do something along the lines of ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ so then I was like I want a word that rhymes with star and so came bar  so like ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ came ‘twinkle twinkle Little Book Bar’

– Twinkle

Pc: Twinkle

Time for the bookish rapid fire!

Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?

Gryffindor with a splash of Slytherin

All time favourite book?

Empire of Storms

Favourite author?

Sarah J Maas

Favourite TV series?


Favourite movie?

Dil dhadakne do

Who’s your book boyfriend, if any?

Cassian and Dorian

This or that!

Bookmarks or art prints

Art prints

Books or TV series


Paperbacks or hardcovers


Physical copies or eBooks

Physical copies

Reading books or listening to books

Reading books

Fiction or Non-Fiction


Thank you for accepting my request and giving me this opportunity. This was a blast.

Keep serving us merch! We owe you a tonne. 

To know more about the products that she’s selling and to stay updated, follow her shop: @littlebookbar_shop

Check out the products that she currently has on sale on her Etsy store: littlebookbar

You can follow Twinkle on her booksta account and spy on what she’s reading because merch hints 🙈🙈 on: @littlebookbar

If you like that interview and want more, let me know in the comments

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