23 Things I Learned before turning 23


Life does not give you lemons, it barely even gives you a seed

I don’t want to break anyone’s hearts with this but life does not lay down anything for you. You sure get a push from your family but everything else depends on what you want and how much you are willing to work for it. So grab all those opportunities and work towards making your life what you want it to be.

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Injustice is everywhere

A hard but necessary thing to know and digest to survive is that the world is an unjust place. The harder truth is that it is not easy to stand against that. It will probably make your life a living hell if you try to oppose it. But, always choose truth and always choose justice, even though choosing the opposite side or turning the other way and acting like you don’t notice seems an easy way out.

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There are battles to be fought, always, but you need to choose them at the right time, age and place or they will go unheard.

Like I have said, the world is an unjust place. Fighting to change that or minding your own business is totally up to you. If you chose the former, let me tell you that there are hundreds, if not thousands of battles to select from and you cannot choose them all or your efforts will be unaccounted for. You need to give yourself some time and decide on what you feel for the most and what you can actually bring a change in. It all depends on being in the right place in the right time.

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Your parents are always going to be there when you fall back

My family is my backbone. They support me through everything that I do and they make sure that I feel comfortable while I am at it. They also keep me in check, making sure that I am not going out of line with anything. While they are subtle at showering their love, they definitely don’t hold it in. And know that while you are trying to reach the sky and you fall, they will always be there to pick you up and set you soaring again.

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HARD WORK will pay off, always!

Sometimes, it will feel like whatever you do, you will end up a failure. It will feel like, how much ever effort you put in, you will never grow. But that is a lie that you are telling yourself. Hard work will pay off eventually if you are sincere, honest and working towards the right goals.

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Friends are important

I feel weird to even state this because I cannot imagine surviving without my friends but there may come a time in everyone’s lives where you might feel better alone, where being around people will feel like a task. It will be an irony that the very friends that you are trying to pull away from will come to your rescue. Also, what is life and its achievements when you do not have your friends to share it with?

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You might be feeling low, you might be feeling disrespected, you might be feeling ignored or you might be feeling devastated by somebody’s actions. But, are you certain that they know that they caused this? Tell them! If not for them, then for your piece of mind! Tell them, clear the air and breathe.

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To be holding a phone or a laptop in your hands while sipping in a cool/hot drink under a roof with WiFi and electricity is a privilege. The fact that you can read is a privilege. Many people do not even have enough resources to eat three times a day. Be grateful about everything and everybody in your life.


Always be kind to everyone

You never know what a person is going through. I am not asking you to be kind to a person even though they are outright rude to you, but in any other situation, it won’t kill us to be kind to a human or an animal. In fact, it might just brighten up that moment of their day. Spread smiles and be kind.

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Do not judge a book by its cover

Again, you never know what the opposite person is going through. You cannot decide on the character of a person based on one encounter with them. You cannot know what cause them to behave in that moment. You will never understand a person until you go close to walking in their shoes. So, treat people without judgment and give them time. I have personally been bullied for having a loud personality and it killed me during the first years of my degree. It falls easy as we get used to it but if only people gave me a chance, I would have spent the first year of college being more cheerful and less depressed and that would have made a huge difference.

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Listen, not to reply but to understand! Listen to people, know their perspectives. Even though they are wrong or misplaced in their opinions, always be the one who listens and not the one who preaches. Listen to people’s misery, their problems, their joy and listen to the unvoiced thoughts behind their words. Who knows? You might just save a life!

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YOLO (have a hobby)

Leading a monotonous life is not going to take you anywhere. While you may love your job or studies, that shouldn’t become your entire life. Have a hobby or two or more if you please. Do something just because it makes you smile with glee. Do something that won’t have any deadlines. Do something that won’t bring you any stress while you’re at it. After all, you only live once.

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Do everything you can when you have the energy

Let’s face it: you will never be as young as you are in this moment. Make the most of your youth and do everything you can when you are here. Travel, Read, Dance, Party, Learn and whatever else you want to do, do it while you have the energy to do so.

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It’s okay to take time for yourself doing nothing

You are your prime importance and it is okay to feel tired. Occasionally, take time for yourself and relax. The fun part is that you get to choose your definition of ‘RELAX’.

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Do not give up

Life is hard and a few situations need time along with effort to get over. DO NOT GIVE UP! Eventually, time will heal everything and hard times will pass. Just stand strong and keep working.

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Show off your flaws as brilliantly as you would show off your strengths

Nobody is perfect! If someone is, it is definitely a hoax. There will be people that you do not even know exist looking up to you and trying to do what you are doing, trying to become what you are. Don’t fake it. Show it all off. I AM A CLUMSY IDIOT WHO HAS THE WORST PRONUNCIATIONS IN THE WORLD AND I CANNOT COOK. It ain’t easy because of this judgmental world but once you’ve said it out, it feels much better and it is the right thing to do.

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I think that, every person on this planet should try and take pleasure in the art of reading at least once in their lifetime. It is just such a holy thing to do and you will only know the fruits of it once you’ve done it.

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Speak out

Life is too short to mind your own business. If you have a voice, use it. Use it to bring down the hate spreading, misogynistic, biased, racist fools out there and make the world a better place. Fight for your voice to be heard and fight to raise the fallen. (WOMAN POWER, AM I RIGHT?)

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Help a soul out

If you can help one person with one meal or contribute to 1% of their treatment or even help them cross the road, do it. Life is hard for a lot of people and if we are in a condition to do good by them, then we should. The world will be such a better place if everyone decides on that.

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Celebrate every little win

Setting up an alarm at 5 am and waking up counts as a win. Doing 10 squats instead of 9 effortlessly is a win. Scoring 1% more than your last time is a win. Managing to get a good sleep in your whirlwind schedule is a win. Take a moment to appreciate yourself. Celebrate every little win and encourage and push yourself to do more.

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Sit back and enjoy nature

They say that, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Sometimes, I feel like I can just live out my entire life staring at the magnificent wonder that Mother Nature is. It feels good to appreciate it every now and then. Do not miss out on that. Stare at the bird trying to build its nest, stare at the bees collecting nectar, stare at the leaves floating in the wind, stare at the clouds covering the sun, stare at the blanket of stars in the night sky, stare and breathe, take it all in and FEEL ALIVE.

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Be selfish

No one is obligated to pick up your life after you. No one should be obligated to do that. Just like, you are not obligated to look out for someone else’s life. The most alluring lesion I have learned is that you have to be selfish and it is okay. CHOOSE YOURSELF! I think I can write an entire blog on the whys and the hows because it is that important.

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To truly spread love and happiness, you need to learn how to love yourself, first. You are an amazing person with an amazing personality and you can do wonders with that heart of yours. Love your strengths, love your weaknesses, and love everything about yourself. EMBRACE and ACCEPT who you are and what you have. That will be your first step towards a happy and peaceful life.

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I cannot believe I am an MBBS graduate about to turn 23 anytime. Life is hitting me hard right now. I hope everyone is in self quarantine and is staying hydrated. Help people that are unable to afford their meals and be kind to one another. Next time I post, I will be 23. Until then, bye.

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