The Classics Year III – January 2020 Tbb Box (Espresso)

Unboxing the January 2020 Espresso

The most anticipated box which was time and again delayed due to our very coveted pandemic reached me as soon as they could make it happen. It was definitely #worththewait. The theme for the first box of the year 2020 was Classics Year III which is also commonly known as the Christmas Classics Box.

From the Instagram page of @tbb_box

The box was filled with a lot of goodies that were veterans to the classics box and books that were sure to blow us away.

Unboxing in a single picture!

BOTM in Paper-back: This book was kept a secret unlike never before. But since the box was delayed, it was announced to be the well acclaimed, Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston which arrived right in time for the PRIDE month.

Book 2 in Hard-cover: The Paris Mysteries by Edgar Allan Poe with a stunning dust jacket was a part of espresso and above boxes. I was accidentally sent 2 dust jackets and for a second I thought it was going to be an alternate dust jacket and I squealed in joy but its okay.

The Cappuccino and above had in hard-back and the Mocha exclusive was a gorgeous paper-cut edition of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Coming to the goodies, I will go from the ones exclusive to the box to tbb box regulars.

Badge based on BOTM: There was a beautiful badge with the lead characters of Red, White and Royal Blue that accompanied the book.

A free surprise mini classic: This is a gift from the big book box to us and I received The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde with a stunning orange cover. This is not the same in all the boxes and various vintage classic mini’s went into various other boxes. But I really like this one and I am pleased that I got it.

A candle: The candle named “A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow” after a quote by Charlotte Bronte, made of soy wax in a 6 oz jar made by @storytellercandlegram was a part of the box. The label is pastel pink and has a picture of the three Bronte sisters with the name of the candle on it. It is white and has the flavor of a tangy orange. Can’t wait to burn it!

A Book Sleeve: A compact book sleeve with a beautiful illustration of the March Sisters from little women on both sides was at the bottom of the box and one of my favourite merches that made into the box.

Socks: Mid-calf length pair of socks which are black and yellow and themed after the famous Cartoon Net-work show, Johnny Bravo were my favourite merch. The quality is good.

A unique letter: A letter written by Ernest to Scott, which upon reading may be translates to be written to F. Scott Fitzgerald by Ernest Hemingway? I know that these two were familiar with each other but I do not know if this is a copy of a real exchange between them or a work of fiction.

2020-2021 Calendar: Illustrated with quotes and character prints on alternate months, this desk calendar is not only pretty to look at but very much useful.

An art print: A quote card with a quote from the movie Pride and Prejudice with really good illustrations was an extra addition to the box.

A set of 5 gorgeous floral bookmarks: One side has beautiful colours with the names of detectives and authors of detective novels and the other has a quote by them decorated with floral patterns.

Character cards: We have two character cards, one of Jane Eyre and the other of Gatsby. The illustrations are spot-on but it would be much better if the names are the characters were printed on the cards.

Monthly Enamel Pin: The enamel pin this month was a mini-book of Emma by Jane Austen. It is really colourful and the first of such classics inspired pins that are to come in the classics boxes. It was designed by Paper Pin Studio.

The usual lot: Gorgeous reddish pink paper shred, the big book box monthly news letter, the insider and the gorgeous box itself. This may be the last of its kind since they have gotten a new one in which might start reaching us from the Anniversary boxes.

Check out my live unboxing on IGTV by clicking on the following : January 2020 Espresso Unboxing!

The explanations of the individual items are according to my understanding and research. While most of it is from their posts, none of this is a confirmed conclusion from the company.

There you have it folks! The most awaited first box of 2020 which survived the lock down. 

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