Travel Blog #1 – Lonavala


In between all the long, tiring hours of work and frustration, I took the first chance I got to test if my mind can find salvation. I fidgeted with the maps and realized that the closest tourist destination, around 740 kilometers away, was LONAVALA.

Credits: Google

It had a lot to offer, this place. Sunset and sunrise points, forts, waterfalls, gardens and what not. Unfortunately, the rainy season was not generous over that area and all my hopes at enjoying nature were thrashed and I found out about this after reaching the place.

Credits: Google

But as a wise person (ME!!! I am the wise person) once said, fun doesn’t lie in a place or thing, it lies with the company and since I had my best friend accompanying me, we decided to make the best of what was available.

Here’s what we did on our 5 day road trip to Lonavala.

Pointless Trekking

Pointless because there was nothing but dried grass, water-less waterfalls, not-so-view-able view points at the end of them but the trek in itself was rewarding. Walking through the endless deserted areas with nothing but rocks with my best friend by my side, munching on lays was most certainly fun.

Credits: Google

Endless Driving and stumbling upon places

What do tourists without a tourist guide do in a completely unknown city? Rely on google maps and drive on until they stumble upon something worth stopping for. That is how we ended up viewing a few note-worthy sights and clicking pictures. We visited the places in Khandala (honestly, whatever google suggested and were accessible without fuss) and a few places around Lonavala. We even entered a wax museum because of the extensive advertising but did not pay a visit because there was no wax statue of HARRY POTTER. We were hell-bent on watching the sun set and rise though. That took us to Lions point which was supposed to give us a breathtaking view of the dusk. But, weather was our enemy and it drizzled causing up a layer of fog to build up and thus obscuring our view of whatever marvelous beauty awaiting us.

Source: Google

Munching on snacks

I would be lying if I said that we carried just the right amount of snacks and I would definitely be lying if I said that we ended up finishing all of them. We might have carried two bags per head instead of the required one because the extra bag was filled with snacks. But, you can never have enough snacks while travelling y’all. #noregrets

Source: Google

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

We are happy souls that adjust to every situation (The best kind of people to travel with) and thus we were not disheartened and decided to enjoy whatever was there. Even after meeting with all the disappointments, we managed to be at peace. We spent a good few minutes trying to find places which would not disappoint us and thus, spent a lot of time talking and relaxing.

Source: Google

Imagica.. iyayaya…

Best things almost always happen unplanned. This was a sudden decision given the unsupportive climate and what an amazing day it turned out to be. The entire day, we spent going up onto every ride that Imagica – the theme park had to offer and ending the day with Snow-magica which was a snow park. We also managed to get a free infusion bottle for fulfilling an instagram photograph challenge which required us to post a picture after entering and accumulating 150 likes before leaving. My favourite ride was the Deep space and Rajasaurous River Adventure. Both of them were unexpected and lovely. We took the fast-track tickets because we wanted to have the complete experience without waiting and it was definitely worth it.

Source: Google


The best thing about the Lonavala trip was this. It had a little bit of everything. There was a little ride up the hill, a beautiful trek that led us to the tower hill in Khopoli and then an endless wait for the winds to favour our flight. Every part of this was amusing. From the moment we set foot on the hill from the car after the ride-up where the fog was settling on us as dew to the trek which allowed us to view scenic beauties while rocking out to music and the glide which was like nothing I have done before. I am an adrenaline freak and thrills make me feel alive. We went with Temple pilots (Ig:@flytemplepilots ) among all the other companies that offered paragliding on that hill. Our pilot was the charming Mr Vikas (Ig: @vikasflys) and he was so good at making us comfortable. It cost us around 3.5k along with the video that was taken on a go-pro.

Source: Google

CAMPING at Pawna Lake

The last thing we did was have a relaxed evening at the end of the day by the side of a lake in tents. It was all we needed to replenish the energy we exhausted enjoying in the days before. We played cards (I won) and we discussed life. One downside is that it is legit a camping site and sleeping is not something that will come as a comfort because the ground is uneven. There was a singer/performer who entertained us during the born fire though. We started back early next day skipping breakfast that was a part of the 3-meal package.

Source: Google

Jammed out to music

Not only did we introduce each other to amazing music and expanded our musical neurons (If they exist, I am getting the patents) but we also re-discovered old music that we used to adore during school days. Music was definitely a salvation in those long, long drives.

Source: Google

Smiled till our jaws hurt

Mother Theresa once said that ‘Peace begins with a smile’ and smile we did. So much that our hearts were overwhelmed and our jaws hurt. Carefree and whole-hearted smiles. Smiles that will be treasured and remembered forever. Smiles that will be imprinted in our souls forever.

Source: Google

Got inked

It’s kind of becoming a tradition for me to get a tattoo everywhere I go. This time I got three. Yes, three. I will make a blog post talking about all my tattoos in the near future.

Source: Google

Had the best time of our lives

We were both terrible due to our own demons and this was just the relaxation we needed. Endless talks, long drives, calm evenings and zero pressures lurking upon our heads helped us ease our minds. We relaxed and re-energized ourselves are now ready to take on whatever pressures, whatever troubles that will be thrown onto us.

Source: Google

Made memories that will be cherished forever

The worst and the best part about growing up are the responsibilities that will accompany the age. Sometimes, they tend to drown us so much that we forget to live. We might not be able to let go of them and breathe. (Not always kids, don’t worry) In those hard times, we will be able to cling on to life by reliving the memories that bludgeoned us with joy and hope. These memories are going to be salvation in those times.

Source: Google

Did any of you visit Lonavala? Or go on a road trip that you will forever remember? What is that one memory from any trip that you cherish the most? Hit me up in the comments below. I also added a gallery of some of my pictures for you all to see.

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