Obsidio by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman


“Every story needs its hero. And its villain. And its monster.”

– Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


Book: Obsidio

Author: Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

Published: 13th March’2018

Genre: Science Fiction

Series: The Illuminae Files #3

Publisher: Rock the Boat, an imprint of One world Publications

Pages: 615

My rating: 4.5/5

You can read the review of the part II of the series by clicking on its title, GEMINA!


Asha Grant came to Kerenza to escape her past.
Too bad he just caught up with her.

Asha survived BeiTech’s initial assault and has been working underground with the hopelessly outmatched resistance ever since. The last thing she expected to worry about was her ex-boyfriend, Rhys Lindstrom who just landed planet-side. is he her way out – or a guarantee she never gets off thia frozen rock alive?

But Asha’s not the only one with problems. Her cousin Kady’s ragtag band of survivors are headed for Kerenza – without enough exygen to last their journey. Oh, and there might be an insurrection brewing.

With BeiTech hurting to repair their damaged jump gate, and a mass extermination planned for the Kerenza civilians, only a miracle could save them now. And everyone knows that miracles are just statistical probabilities… right?

Briefing note: From bestselling author duo Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff comes the exciting finale in the trilogy that broke the mold and has been called “stylistically mesmerizing” and “out-of-this-world-awesome.”

“Have you noticed

all the moments we live

and all the miles we walk

never seem to get us anywhere but dead?”

– Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


What in the fucking hell? The authors have played with my emotions , somehow a 100 times more than any of my exes ever have!

This was a roller coaster! An emotional fucking roller coaster! I hated every bit of it  because it made my heart skip a beat with all the elements that were incorporated. And there I sat, thinking I am adventure loving person who enjoys roller coasters!

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I hated it so much that I can’t stop loving it. I hope that the authors go to hell which just has a sign saying it’s hell but it’s really the heaven in disguise. Ughhh! I just can’t breathe. You guys made me cry. You’re evil.

Source: Google

The third part of the Illuminae files series, brings everything that happened in the first two installments of the trilogy together and adds in a mix of its own troubles and characters. It was beautifully woven into one grand finale.

“Things always look darkest in the middle of the night.”

– Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

The story picks off at the court hearing of Leanne Frobisher, the lady behind the BeiTech’s assaults and cover-ups. The illuminae Files group presents its final compilation of evidence in front of the court in an attempt to find justice and avenge the deaths of all the people that they have lost.

The best part of the book is the way it’s written. Sometimes, we rotate the book in various ways to read what’s written and it’s the most creative way I’ve ever seen to make a book interesting. It’s so impactful, the writing.

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The characters, again are so strong and determined inspite of their flaws. There is no sex discrimination what so ever. If our future is going to be atleast 50% of how it’s in the book, we would live in peace and harmony.

Somehow these teenagers from 2075 have a more happening life then I, a 23 year old good for nothing piece of shit has now. How have they found true love? How have they lost everything they every had? How have they triumphed over their emotions and did what’s right for the moment? Aghhhhhhhhhh!

I think my biggest take away from the book is the United front that these characters try and bring out to win their lives inspite of the odds not being in their favour. There were mishaps that crush you, obviously but there are also so many heart melting moments that make you wanna curl up and cry happy tears.

The book brought together everything that has happened in the previous book with a lot of new inputs that make for a thrilling finale. There are no disappointments here. It’s just that the part II was insane and this one was just a little short of making me feel the same way as Gemina did.

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Irrespective of the claims that this series is monotonous, I didn’t really feel so even though I was looking for it. Yes, some of the events were similar but it always hit in a different way. May be it was because I was emotionally invested in the series so much that I couldn’t be critical.

I rate it 4.5/5

Spoiler alert:

Let’s talk about every time the taps in my eyes were opened..

This is a list of all the events that made my heart ache:

1. Death of Syra boll (I would have destroyed Garver)
2. When that little girl is killed and we don’t know if it’s Katya!
3. The rise and fall of Aidan
4. Aidan falling in love with Kady (Robo much)
5. Aidan killing 2000 people so that atleast the remaining 1000 can make it (it was a harsh decision but omg, that many dead people on a ship!)
6. When the real Katya was actually shot and Asha crying!
7. Issac grant being the amazing dad that he is not only to Kady or extend it to Ella but to everyone else by writing them notes (ain’t he the cutest?)
8. The alleged death of Nik and Ezra! (I sort of had a feeling that they’ll make it because as evil as our authors are, they are suckers for happy endings)

But, a parachute saved them all and also, they did manage to go to that lunch that Nik paid for. Did he borrow money from Hannah? We don’t know!

The hearing was a freaking amazing scene with bad-ass dialogues. The authors gave us everything with just a picture of the illuminae group in the end. I was mind blown.

“There’a billion different versions of you out there, in a trillion different universes, And I still can’t get over how lucky I am that, out of all those versions, you’re the one that’s mine.”

– Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

We had a few new main characters:

Asha Grant: First, I thought she was younger to Kady but she announces that she is elder to her and she loves her so much that she leaves messages to Kady on her plampad even though she has assumed that Kady is dead. Their reunion via the communication systems is so heart whelming. Asha had a younger sister who was killed and she somehow feels responsible for it as she skips her duty of taking her home and goes to a bar instead. She has her name tattooed and tries to right this by taking care of Katya. She is a very brave pharmacy intern who somehow becomes a nurse too. Absolutely loved her.

Cherry Lindstrom: Mr Not so Goody two shoes was the passionate and dangerous lover or ex-lover turned lover of Asha Grant. Their love was wild. The kind that had tattoos involved. The kind that got each other into danger. The kind that got each other exiled from their planets. He was thrown into BeiTech crew due to death of the others and he helps them in their mad escape plan. He would do anything to protect Asha and I love him for that.

Katya: Oh my baby Mouse! When in an incident the BeiTech workers kill a little girl, I was so scared that it’s Katya. Also, when she gets shot, I legit cried. Thank god she’s alive and well and with her mother.

“Miracles are statistical improbabilities.”

– Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Reasons to pick up the book:

1. An absolutely delightful emotional rollercoaster
2. It’s a sci-fi fantasy which will make you laugh, cry and sometimes even die a little
3. Amazing story line
4. Powerful characters (both male and female with no difference at all)
5. Justice is served in the end!
6. A lot of swearing (why is this in the pro list? You’ll have to fucking read to find out!)
7. A beautiful end to an astonishingly mind-blowing trilogy


1. There’s a lot of violence and deaths which may be triggering to a few people
2. The swearing may not be easy to understand for few since they block it out and we have to fill in the blanks (it’s like a game) I don’t even know why I put this in the con but okay!

“Live a life worth dying for.”

– Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

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